At first, there were two. This grand adventure started off as a mother-daughter duo who had an addiction to all things wedding related and a love for everything vintage. Mandi (daughter extraordinaire, junker, closet hoarder, decorator and delegator) and Karen (mommy dearest, shabby chic freak, manager and expert picker) are from a small town in the North Georgia woods. They have always had a love for vintage or as Mandi calls it "love of junk." They saw a need a vintage rental service in the Chattanooga area after they decorated a wedding in 2009 where they had to buy all of the items to decorate with themselves. That was how it all started. They have taken their expert skills of "junking" and "picking" and developed a large eclectic collection of vintage rentals perfect for special events and occasions. Along the way, Mandi met Oliver (dreamer, builder, heavy lifter, and lover of junker) who aids in all our design processes, builds the crazy items brides want and helps deliver and move all the big ticket items. We make a great team and enjoy doing this business with our family.

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Don't be like the rest of them darling ~CoCo Chanel